Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Eve Musings

One thing I've been thinking about recently is my difficulty accepting invitations.

Not from people I know and love, no. Not from the Biff, my family and such. Not usually, anyway.

But things that take me out of my comfort zone, reunite me with people I haven't seen in ages or put me in touch with people I don't know?

Yeah. I've had a problem with that in the past.

I met up with a girl for yoga today that I went to high school with, did theater with, an awesome chick I have a lot in common with. We've both been in LA for awhile, and we talked about getting together awhile back, but it was kind of on me and I let it drop, as I was in the throws of my anxiety and I just couldn't gather the energy or strength or balls or what have you to hang out with her.

There's actually a list of people I could/should/would reach out to, if I thought about it, that I couldn't muster the courage to deal with at the time.

Thoughts for a Sunday eve.

Anyway, I posted on my Facebook about my teacher training, and turns out this girl goes to my studio too, but a different location. She drove to my area 'cause my favorite favorite teacher was teaching the intro course (which I need to be taking for my teacher hours) and we had an awesome practice then sushi after.

A lovely Sunday date.

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