Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday Shots

I drove to SB for less than 24 hours for my sister's belated birthday. I would have gone for the whole weekend, but I already had plans with the college roommates that I was never going to cancel. To be honest, I was bitching about it, but I'm glad I did it, and I had a great night tonight and I'm glad I got to celebrate with her and make her happy.

Obviously, if I was going to be about and about for the day, I was going to get pretty. I even blow-dried my hair. Woohoo, celebrating self-shot Saturday!

I met up with my ladies at the Commons in Calabasas, which is a super fancy schmancy outdoor shopping mall. The Kardashians get photographed there and shit. The three of us had lunch at Marmalade Cafe and then mani/pedis. It was just a blast, I just love the both of them to pieces and when we get together it's like no time has passed at all, we're cracking jokes and making fun of each other like we're nineteen again.

(Remind me to tell you about the children of the corn sometime.)

It was nice being already a quarter of the way to SB, so the rest of the drive went quickly and I got to my folks' place and had a glass of wine in my hand before I knew it. Before we left for dinner my sister gave me my belated birthday present, which was incredibly thoughtful and definitely worth waiting for. It's a yoga bag from Lululemon for when I start my teacher training program, I can fit my mat underneath and still have room for my notebook and books and towel and water bottle. And it's PINK! I LOVE it and it was incredibly sweet and generous of her.

We went out to dinner for sushi at one of the best places in town, Arigato, which is always fun and delicious. We met up with a friend of my sister's boyfriend, who ended up being entirely charming, friendly, and winning in every way. My parents liked him. He had a beard. Did the dishes after cake. A+ to him all around. Crush worthy for an SB girl, I'd say.

Also, I took a shot of sea urchin and quail egg. Yeah.

After sushi, we went back to the house and opened my sister's gifts (Visa gift cards/cash), ate German chocolate cake, drank wine, played with dogs. The usual. Well, not the total usual, we drank the BEST red wine I think I have ever had. It seriously smelled like honey, it was amazing and sweet and delicious. I want to drown in it.

But I got way sleepy, due to the consumption of red wine vs. white, and refused the invitation to go out to the bars with the cool kids. I'm way too lame for that. Of course, a second wind came on, and then I blog.

Still, I drowsy like Dubsies.

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