Sunday, April 14, 2013

Log Out

I'm introducing a new goal, in addition to the usual.

Leaving my computer at work every night.

And no TV.

On weeknights, that is.

For the rest of the month, actually.

I feel overloaded on technology. I'm writing a lot, which is great, and leaving my laptop at work will limit that (what is...hand...writing?), but my brain is feeling fried lately. I haven't taken a break from screens in awhile, and I think it's necessary.

You know what else is necessary?

I didn't go yesterday, which means it's been over a week. It's been months since I've gone that long without going. And my body aches for it, it's my head that's stopping me. I think I know what's wrong, and I'll tell you all about it once I'm sure. Don't you worry.

But yes, I know what I need. I need a screen detox, and I need yoga.

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