Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Reward #4: Scent of a Woman (Duh, revisions.)

Originally, this reward was to be my new comforter. But that's more money than I should be spending at this particular moment in time, so I adjusted.

And my more pressing need was actually perfume.


I have very little left to make me smell good. And smelling good is you know, good, when I'm sweating all the days at hot yoga. Or I should be.

I forgot to take a picture of proof of purchase power, but I promise I'm under 149. I would never lie. (That's a lie, I lie all the time. LIES.)

I went to the Westside Pavilion on my lunch today to make my selections. I didn't want to blow a bunch of money on a FANCY perfume, and I still have a little of my Juicy left anyway. So I bought cheaper stuff from The Body Shop, because I like variety. Plus: buy two get one free!

Atlas Mountain Rose eau de toilette
Vanilla eau de toilette
Madagascar Vanilla Flower perfume oil

147 - 10% loss -  New necklace.
145 - healthy BMI - New comforter.
142 - lowest weight - Get a massage.
139 - new decade - Dye hair.
136 - original goal - Get a facial.
132 - college weight - New purse.
130 - Final Goal! - SHOP!
Maintenance Goal - Tattoo

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