Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Furry Admirers

I only rinsed off after last night's yoga practice, didn't wash my hair, had my alarm set for early, slept in my clothes, was all ready for a morning class.

Then this happened.

Guess someone had other ideas.

Considering I've now been out of town four weekends in a row, and will be gone three more, and he clearly has missed me considering he viciously bit me on the leg and drew blood yesterday, I decided to indulge him his cuddles.

Speaking of furry boys, my mom called me last night and said Mr. Deuce did not greet them in his usual excited fashion when they got home from their trip last night. He just stayed on my bed, pouting at my departure, sleeping with his head on my pillow.

All the boys love me. As long as they have four paws and a tail.

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