Monday, April 1, 2013

Buddy Yoga

I love having a partner in crime to go to yoga with, so any time one of my friends wants to try my studio I get so excited! (Plus, the fact that I get $5 added to my account whenever I bring someone to sign up for a free week doesn't hurt.) My college roomie is doing an internship near the studio and she wanted to try it out this past week, so she signed up last Tuesday and we practiced together that day, and tonight too.

Last week's class was HOT HOT HOT, I told her it was definitely one of the warmest I've had in awhile, where you can actually feel the air crawling over your skin. The flow got pretty complicated, like, turning from front to back to front again, which started to stress me out, so I'm sure it was even more confusing for a new person! She said she really liked the instructor though, one of the more hippie-ommm ones at the studio. And the music was awesome.

Tonight we went to one of the other more spiritually-focused teachers, and had a much better practice, in my opinion. I was really focused the whole class, and while I didn't feel that strong and took quite a few breaks, I left feeling energized and yet calm.

Also, you know what's more fun with a bud? Eating sushi. The Buff left her purse in Santa Barbara at her parents' house, so I picked it up for her this morning and as a thank you she bought me sushi tonight after class. It tasted better with a friend.

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