Friday, April 5, 2013

A Kitty Bond

My Buff asked me at sushi if I thought Bentley knew that I had taken care of him when he was sick, and if he was more affectionate now that that had happened.

And you know, I think it's true.

In his old age, and after his traumatizing near death experience, this old queen has really doubled his affections. He's always been a little cuddle monster, a snuggle monkey, but the amount of desperate love he shows me now is unparalleled.

Sometimes he wants to go to bed with me. Comes right up next to me the second the lights go off and lays his body down on my arm, head on my shoulder, face pressed right up onto mine, breathing happy little sighs of contentment until he realizes he's completely uncomfortable like that and eventually has to shift into a more reasonable position.

His new habit is 3AM Spoons, though. I often get into weird sleep patterns where I always wake up, either just habitually or to go to the bathroom, at the same exact or near exact times. Lately it's around 3-3:30 and after I get back into bed, I start to doze, only to sense something.

I open my eyes, and The Tree is standing above me, lurking, staring. I know what he wants, and I lift the comforter and pull him underneath. He snuggles up against me face to face, and we spoon for awhile, snoozing, until he's had enough (oh, a half an hour or so), then he leaves.

Seriously. That silly cat.

At least he appreciates me.

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