Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Daaay: Some words.

IT'S TOMORROW. And, now that I have had a few drinks, I can talk about my day.

I had a day. When I finally arrived at my parents' place to greet them with big hugs and a weary smile after two hours of traffic, I said, "Give me wine. The good stuff."

So, my poor Marilyn is still at the doctor's. I'm so sorry, Marilyn! The whole day at work (yeah, work) was spent calling the body shop checking in. "Should be ready 2-5. Call around 2." "Call around 3." "Call around 4:30." "Maaaaybe."

I don't like the unknown. In case you didn't know.

Then she wasn't even finished, and I had to drive the little tiny Fiat with no pick-up and no vroom to SB again, and everyone wanted to run me over on the freeway, and I finally go to SB and I drank all the wine and half a cocktail at the play.

Oh, right, my parents and I went to a play. We saw "The Year of Magical Thinking", a one-woman show starring Linda Purl. She was phenomenal, really, though at parts a bit scenery-chewing, but I was kind of bored by the show. One-person shows can only be so entertaining. But I imagine the book is incredible, and really, the show as great, just maybe a bit too long.

Then family bonding and chatting and catching up. All these weeks of house-sitting meant no parental time, which is unfortunate. Since, as you know, I happen to actually like my parents.

Now cozy room bed. I will sleep, and have yet another glorious SB weekend.


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