Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Bitch Moment

There are rare moments in which I unleash my inner bitch on the world at large.

Tonight was one of those times.

Around 1:45 AM or so, I was outside the Old King's Road pub in SB on State Street with my friends, when a girl walked by and made a snide comment about my brand new and super cute dress that I bought to wear for a boy who didn't show up. Something along the lines of, "nice prom dress", or something. 'Cause it was all long and sexy and shit. I will show you a picture at some point.

Usually, I would ignore this. Because my dress was adorable, and fuck her, and most of the time I'm not great at the snappy comeback, nor do I want to engage with a drunk bitch.

But see.... I was drunk too.

So I was a bitch too.

"It's a maxi dress, actually, thanks..." is along the lines of what drunk-me called out spontaneously.

And she said something rude back. I don't remember. I was drunk. Something like "YEAH IT'S A PROM DRESS." Clever.

So I shouted something like, "Well, well your dress is too short, so!"

Which, a) is also not that clever b) is a little slut-shaming c) is not that nice AND d) is pretty immature. Random girls around me gasped, like it was just so ruuuude. My Biff said she was shocked I engaged with the Wasted Ass.

So, yeah, should not have stooped to her level. Drunk Bitch Taylor came out tonight.

So, yeah, I ask forgiveness not from the total asshole in the actually sort of cute minidress who totally started it, but from the gods of feminism and niceness and propriety, 'cause I shouldn't have been a drunk bitch.

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