Friday, February 1, 2013

Happy February

Oh hello, February! Didn't see you there. You certainly snuck up on me right quick. Seems like just yesterday you were merely a twinkle in the eye of the New Year.

You're a pretty decent month, February, all things considering. You're short, which I like, as well as mathematically comfortable for a mildly OCD person such as myself. Exactly four weeks long. Easily divisible in my mind.

And you're right before March, which we all know is the best month. The birthday month. But that doesn't mean I want to rush through you, no, I will enjoy you, savor you, like a particularly delicious appetizer. Pigs in a blanket, maybe.

Okay, February. It's you and me. Four weeks together.

So much can be done in four weeks.

Let's focus.

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