Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Modern Motivational Posters

Shopping has become such an educational experience. Every pillow or poster or pitcher for booze is oh so motivational, directing you to live your life to the fullest...or chiding you for not making the most of it. I swear, someone out there is making millions (hundred of thousands? I didn't major in business) off this whole trend.

And I won't deny that I have fallen victim to this fad.

This picture hangs in my bathroom:

And you've seen my blogspiration above my vanity:

Have you met Ellie, my stuffed animal friend from infancy?

But I've had them for like, months. I'm so ahead of the times. I'm coooool. 

But seriously, I was out and about in a few stores this past week, and EVERYTHING was inspirational, aspirational, motivational. There were dozens of pictures stacked against the walls of Marshalls and Ross and Bed, Bath and Beyond listing all the awesome things I should do with my life and how I should live and laugh and love.

It actually kind of stressed me out.

And okay, this wasn't so much motivational, as awesome.

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  1. I had an elephant rattle/stuffed animal as a kid named Ellie too. I love that pillow at the end.