Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chinese New Year

Lainey over at my most favorite blog LaineyGossip reminded me last week that today is Chinese New Year, and in order to prepare, one should "clean and clear" one's entire life. This was definitely part of the impetus for my week of beast mode cleaning. The fact that I am not remotely Chinese is irrelevant to me---apparently, Good Luck Avoids A Mess, and I can use all the luck I can get. Plus, as you well know, I just love the symbolism of a new year, regardless of which calendar we're following.

Check out the link above for predictions for your Chinese sign for the year to come. Apparently, us Dragons will have our luck turn around in 2013 after a few years of badness. Yay! I keep saying the universe owes me.

With the sudden energy I was blessed with this week, I tackled every single corner of my apartment. Seriously. As I sit here in bed (yes, still, it's almost four PM), there is nothing I should be doing. Nothing I could organize. Open (almost) any drawer in my apartment, and it is tidied. Surfaces are wiped. Floors are Swiffered and carpets vacuumed. Laundry done, dishes dry and tucked away. My place looks absolutely glorious, and today's laziness is well-earned. It's a weird feeling.

Monday night, I cleaned and organized my vanity and bathroom. Scrubbed my tub, replaced my shower curtain liner, threw away countless half full bottles of beautifying nonsense.

Tuesday, I tackled my bookcase.

Wednesday, I faced the incredibly daunting task of my desk. The before pic below was already halfway through the process, and you don't even want to know how much stuff was in those drawers.

Thursday I organized my DVDs and my TV stand, and reorganized all my various elephants, decorative flowers, and beach paraphernalia.

Friday night, I organized my jewelry, which was either in piles on my bookcase or all dumped in a tray in my closet.  NOW LOOK.

Yesterday, I did laundry, cleaned my floors and dusted all surfaces and Windexed my mirrors (and caught Tree pawing at his handsome reflection), organized my kitchen cabinets, rearranged enough shelves to move my Crock Pot from its random home on my kitchen table, found my passport after a brief fifteen minute panic of not knowing where it was, cleaned out my car, sorted through old purses, finished any tidying in my closet, and organized my shoes. And got rid of shoes. It hurt my heart more than anything else I threw away this week, so let us have a moment of silence for all my fallen shoulders. And let us applaud the survivors.

So, yeah, today I'm in bed and I like it. I deserve it.

Happy New Year...again!

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