Saturday, February 16, 2013

Reward #1: Oh Sheet! (And a revision.)

I officially hit my first reward yesterday! I was nearly there last week, but not quite, so I waited to buy my sheets, 'cause I'm accountable. Chya.

I bitched yesterday that I couldn't find the set I had hidden at Marshalls, but I went back to double check and lo and behold I found them exactly where I thought I had put them. Either I'm crazy or...I'm crazy. Yeah.


And look!

His highness approves.

They are gloriously velvety soft and so purty and I have extra special reason to stay in bed now. And they make me extremely happy considering they're just sheets. But when I walk back into my room from the kitchen or bathroom and I see my bright purple bed, it makes me smile, and that makes it a perfect little weight loss reward. And they were SO CHEAP.


Upcoming rewards:

155 - 5% loss - Get a mani/pedi.
151 - less 10ish - This yoga towel. (Used to be new placemats, but I don't even use the ones I HAVE. Silly.)
147 - 10% loss - Get a facial.
145 - healthy BMI - Find a new comforter.
142 - lowest weight - Get a massage.
139 - new decade - Lululemon yoga pants.
136 - original goal - Dye my hair.
132 - college weight - New purse.
130 - Final Goal! - Tattoo and SHOP!


  1. Yay you. Those sheets were meant to be yours!

    1. Fated! I love them, they're so pretty!