Saturday, February 16, 2013

Long Weekend Lovin'

I would like to thank George Washington for being born, and America for worshipping its idols and giving me Monday off from work.


I have plans.

This morning: Lazy. I woke up unreasonably early, which is what tends to happen when you go to bed unreasonably early. I planned to stay in bed until I was supposed to go hiking with the lady half of The Married Couple, but we decided to reschedule for tomorrow 'cause today is quite hot. Unreasonably so, if you will. I won't complain, 'cause I know most of the rest of the country would smite me, but it's not my favorite.

The lazy will probably continue.

So tomorrow: Hike to the Hollywood sign! Woohoo, dreams becoming reality.

I'm so LA.

Also tomorrow, possible yoga. I also may try to, as I have many times before, sell some clothes at Crossroads. They are languishing in my trunk. And I like cash.

Monday, yoga. Also, I need to see Argo. Seriously. It's probably going to win the Best Picture Oscar, since Ben Affleck got snubbed for a director nomination and everyone feels bad for him, and I will be in SB for the Academy Awards next weekend and I'm gonna have me a little party with the dog and yeah. I should see it.

At some point, also, there will be groceries and a recipe of some kind to get me through the week. I am going to attempt to pre-track my whole week so I get those darn oils in, achieve my goal, and can slack again.

So yes, basically STOKED on my weekend, stoked on my sheets.

I'll be over here, like this.

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