Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oscar Sunday Rundown

I just love the Academy Awards.

The glitz, the glamour, the gossip. Pretty dresses and parties and power plays. Long winded speeches, camera shots catching eye rollers, hosts making fools of themselves.

Today is pretty much all Oscar, all the time. And puppies.

I did pretty well on my goal to see all the nominated films. Not all of them, alas, but close enough to feel confident in my opinions for the main categories!

Let's briefly assess.

2013 Oscar Nominated Films
(bold I have seen, italics I want to see, normal are ones I have little interesting in seeing.)

Amour: SO SAD. It just made my heart hurt. A beautiful, painfully realistic film. There were honestly moments I forgot I wasn't watching a documentary. There's a lot of buzz that Emmanelle Riva may slip in and snag the Best Actress statue, and she would absolutely deserve it.
Argo: Great. Truly an awesome, entertaining, suspenseful film. If it wins, I won't be mad.
Beasts of the Southern Wild: Really enjoyed it. Q was so good. Depressing subject matter and yet it didn't depress me. A little too "artistic" in spots but overall a beautiful film.
Django Unchained: You know, I liked it, and I like Tarantino, but I just love Inglorious Basterds so much that Django just wasn't as good for me. It was awesome, though, of course.
Flight: Denzel was so amazing, but the Best Actor field was so packed this year it's like he didn't even factor into the conversation.
Les Miserables: You know, as good as it was going to be and no better or worse. Anne Hathaway will win. Eh. Hugh Jackman should. Love him.
Life of Pi: I really enjoyed it and I didn't expect to. I thought I'd be bored. But it was beautifully told and while animal death movies make me sad, I did like it.
Lincoln: Yeah yeah history is important and Daniel Day Lewis is incredible in it, I know this, but I just had no desire to watch a way too long docudrama blahblah shooting slaves freedom big hat I don't know. I don't care. 
Moonrise Kingdom: Was planning on watching this last night on Netflix Instant with the Biff, but it was no longer streaming. Those stingy bastards.
Silver Linings Playbook: So, I loved it, I did. But I did think it was overrated. But with some distance from when I saw it, I think it was just built up too much for me, and I really want to see it again now. I hope Jennifer Lawrence wins. I think when I see it again I'll really relate to her character more. You know, 'cause she be crazy.
The Impossible: Awesome. Tense and gripping and amazing performances all around. Ewan McGregor should have been nominated and Naomi Watts would deserve a win. Honestly, all the Best Actress nominees could win and I wouldn't be bothered. 
The Master: I do want to see it, since I'm fascinated with that whole cult 'o Scientology nonsense, but I just never got around to it. Don't think either nominee will win.
The Sessions: Looked good, never got around to it. Don't think either nominee will win.
Zero Dark Thirty: Eh. I was one of the few who wasn't crazy about The Hurt Locker, war movies aren't really my thing, and it just didn't really interest me. I'll see it eventually, especially if Jessica Chastain wins.

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