Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Adult Priorities

Back in October, my BFF and I bought tickets to see Ellie Goulding tonight at the Hollywood Palladium. BFF took the night off from work way in advance and planned to drive down to LA for a slumber party. I actually had tickets to see her last year as well, but I ended up selling them 'cause I needed the cash.

And, well, last week I sent the Biff (Biffy? Buffy? BITCH NEEDS A NICKNAME) an email letting her know that the show is sold out and tickets were selling on Craig's List for way more than we paid. Plans are in place to go to Vegas for my birthday in March (BIRTHDAY), but we're both financially struggling right now. Plus, the tickets are general admission, and you know how I feel about standing.

We decided to sell the tickets if we could make a decent amount of extra cash, and put the money towards our hotel room. And what do you know, we ended up making almost double what we first paid, and the room is paid for. SCORE!

Texted to her with the caption "make it raaaain".

The BFF is still coming down tonight and we are having a glorious girly Valentine's Day Date. It'll be amazing. More on that later.

So here's a little Ellie to start your day. I'm sorry we'd rather get drunk and make out with boys than see you, you beautiful blonde pixie. But I'm sure you understand.

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