Sunday, February 10, 2013

Things I positively hate.

My week of positivity was a definite success, and I learned valuable lessons. Think positive, be positive, positive things will come to you, blahblahblah. I plan to attempt to continue with this whole thing where I try to see the good in my life, and see the good in others, and assume someone is just having a bad day as opposed to being an irredeemable asshole, which is my usual assumption.

But, I have stifled a few complaints this week, and I need to get them out. Even if I'm going to be a more positive person, there are still things I hate.

Such as...

*When people invade my personal space bubble and I can feel them breathing on my hair.
*When you say "excuse me" as you try to move past someone and they don't move at all.
*My inability to go an entire day without spilling water down my cleavage.
*My inability to go an entire day without dropping my phone.
*Unnecessary cruelty.
*Idea thievery.
*Videos that automatically play when a website loads. (Of which I unfortunately am guilty...I HATE MYSELF.)
*Drivers who think they're better than you.
*People who just have to give their opinion even when it's really not relevant.
*People who think they know more than you.
*My tiny bladder.
*My humpback.
*The fact that I'm not a multi-millionaire.
*The fact that I can't clone Bentley.
*Sunday evenings when I know I have to go to work in the morning.

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