Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Day of Productivity

Whenever my post count drops below four on a weekday, you can assume that I was actually, you know...working at my job.

I know, hard to believe right? But yes, it's true. Today I was pretty much productive from the moment I got into the office until, well, now. Suddenly it's five o'clock. WHERE DID THE DAY GO?

It makes me wish I was busy all the time.

But then...when would I blog?!

Timeline of my day:

Got to work at 9:00 AM.
Did my usual kitchen nonsense like a good little maid.
Ate my breakfast and posted pretty pictures.
Moved all the 2012 files from the back filing cabinet to the supply room filing cabinets.
Harassed my coworkers for the third or fourth time via email to send me info from their parking cards.
Ate a salad.
Got my hairs did.

Sent out 20 FedEx checks and a gazillion (actual number) mail checks.
Made 90 new files for 2013 and put them in the back filing cabinet.
Took all the snowflake decals off the walls from our holiday decorations that I willfully left through the end of February 'cause they were pretty and it's still winter.


Now I'm going to do nothing for the rest of the day, because that's allowed.

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