Thursday, February 28, 2013

Yoga Gush And 10KCAL Challenge Check In #2

I. Am. Soaring.

I had an awesome practice this morning. Not the highest calorie burn ever, not the hottest or hardest class ever, but it was just...beautiful. I didn't have the best balance, I didn't nail all my poses, but I just felt...centered. Free. Connected to my body. I barely took any resting time, I hardly looked at my watch, and I am in glorious mood.

I even tried camel today! Camel is one of my most feared poses...I get anxiety attacks when I try it. I don't like the way it feels on my throat. But today, I gave it a go.

And my toppling tree was amazing.

Got my yummy sweaty yoga glow. Alas, now I must shower it off and go to work.


Previous Total: 3,179

2/21     450 calories    Hot Yoga Level 2
2/22     489 calories    Hot Yoga Level 2
2/23     334 calories    Walk with puppies
2/24     725 calories    Beach walk with puppies
2/26     471 calories    Hot Yoga Level 2
2/28     440 calories    Hot Power Fusion

Current Total: 6,088
Calories Remaining: 3,912
Days Remaining: 14

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