Tuesday, February 19, 2013

10KCAL Challenge Check In #1 and Reward!

Psh. This challenge is in the baaag, baby.


2/14     440 calories    Hot Power Fusion
2/15     530 calories    Hot Yoga Level 2
2/17   1473 calories    Hike to Hollywood Sign
2/18     444 calories    Hot Yoga Level 2
2/19     292 calories    Hot Yoga Level 2

Current Total: 3,179
Calories Remaining: 6,821
Days Remaining: 23

Almost a third of the way there, and so many days left to go! I'm chugging along, doing great, pouring so much sweat.

But can I just say? With the climbing of THE GIANT HILL on Sunday, yoga Monday, yoga this morning (though 6AM classes are usually pretty mellow, as evidenced by my low calorie burn (YOU HEARD ME 6AM))...I am sore today. Yes, I am sore. I do not wish to move.

And I have decided on my reward!

You know what I really want? You know what I really neeeeed?

Nice, new make-up. I got some fancy eye shadows from my parents for Christmas, but I use cheap drugstore foundation and mascara, and that's probably why I have no boys in my yard even though my milkshake is just as good as the other girls. And makeup makes me feel good about myself. So that's what my reward will be when I kick this challenge's ass. Nice foundation. Some mascara. A lip gloss or two. Maybe some nail polish.

Make me pretty.

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