Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday Wishes


I went to bed before 10 PM and woke up five minutes before my obscenely late alarm. It was glorious. I love sleeping for excessive lengths of time. I used to sleep too much 'cause I just hated being awake, and I am less opposed to being awake now, but still. I just love to sleep.

And there was a period of time in the middle of the night where I spooned the cat, and that is always fun.

Aren't you glad I tell you every intimate detail of my sleep patterns?

Anyway. It's Wednesday. Tomorrow's Thursday. It's basically Friday, and I'm house/puppy sitting in Santa Barbara for the weekend, and that is exciting.

I have wishes.

1) I wish that this week goes by in the blink of my non-made-up eye, and I'm sitting in my car in traffic on the 101 before I know it.
2) I wish that today's office lunch arrives on time, there is enough for everyone, no one complains about it to me, and I get enough of all the healthy choices I want. (And there are leftovers?)
3) I wish that I would find the motivation to actually drag my butt the whole two blocks to the movie theater to see Amour tonight or tomorrow instead of lazying out (I just made up that phrase, bam).
4) I wish that I would get my goddamn period so I can stop worrying I'm knocked up with God's baby in some sort of immaculate conception scenario.
5) I wish that I had a million dollars.

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