Friday, February 22, 2013

WW Recap 2/15-2/21: BOW DOWN

I'm just a motherfuckin' Weight Watchers GANGSTA.

This week I:

  • Earned 38 activity points, ate every single one, but ate no weekly points.
  • Successfully avoided weighing myself every day.
  • Lost a pound.
  • Ate delicious things and didn't feel guilty about them. (Okay, didn't feel TOO guilty about them.)
  • Was happy.


I'll wait.

Goals for the week?

1) Get my GHGs every day. (BOOYAH! Every damn day, even those motherfucking oils. I PUT THEM IN LEAN CUISINES PEOPLE.)
2) Go to yoga four times. (You betcha! PLUS my hike.)
3) Tech-free two nights. (YES! On Tuesday I honestly thought I was gonna willfully fail and just do it again next week, but I didn't! I read all night and it was super. Okay, I half cheated last night, and took myself to a movie, but I still say it counts. Because it wasn't my own tech, it was someone else's...)
4) Make a recipe. (Ehhh. By the time I finished my pizza leftovers, knowing I was going out of town today, I got lazy. Lots of salads...that I made?)
5) Read a book. (Yup! Finished one, started another, that makes a whole book.)

Goals for this week!

1) Go to yoga three times. (Since I'm in SB for the weekend, I don't want to risk not making it four times and bumming myself out.)
2) Go to yoga at night. (I haven't since I started back. Only morning and lunch. Cause I like my nights for lazy.)
3) Make a recipe.
4) Read a book.
5) Write some fiction.

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