Saturday, February 9, 2013

Found Objects

As I have mentioned, I've been in beast cleaning mode all damn week. It was truly impressive. I would get home from work, I'd turn on my TV and watch some detectives bust some baddies, and I'd go to town on the historical messes of my life.

And I have found some things.

Such as...

*Many bookmarks. All with cats on them. BECAUSE OF COURSE.
*So. Much. Change. But minimal quarters. I guess over time I have picked myself clean for laundry purposes.
*So. Many. Cords. But if I haven't used them in years, I probably don't need them...right? Right. TOSSING.
*Who knew I had so many pairs of scissors? I don't remember ever buying scissors.
*Aww. I saved some cute souvenirs from teenage-hood. I do believe this was a Christmas gift when I was fourteen from my BFF at the time.

*Multiple Belle from Beauty and the Beast toys. I guess I really do have a prominent inner child.
*Collegiate paraphernalia. GO HUSKIES. Did we any games this year? I don't pay attention. Fail.

*Way too many greeting cards. I worked at a stationary store in SB for awhile and I collected them. I should start sending them out...
*Way too many magazines. I hate throwing them out, I always think I'll slice them up and use them for crafts...TOSS.

*I got a dolla, I got a dolla, I got a dolla hey hey hey hey!
*And a wide assortment of family photos. I was such a gorgeous child.

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