Sunday, February 17, 2013

Explore LA #2: Hollywood Sign Hike

I get to check off #1 on my Birthday List: I hiked to the Hollywood Sign today. I Googled, and chose the PG route on this page.



1) It was a very large hill.

2) It took a long time, and I burned a lot of calories.


It was rough, but totally worth it. I took a lot of mini breaks on our way up the BIG MOUNTAIN, basically any time my heart rate jumped up past 185, and The Married Lady and her doggy Gracie patiently waited for me. I just love Gracie, she is the most well trained pup I've had the pleasure of spending time with and she's oh so darn cute!

Her encounter with Tortilla Jalapeno, the wee baby puppy.

Run. Chase balloon. Rest.

But yeah, seriously, wonderful. I struggled a bit towards the end, especially once we were so close to the top and around every corner I was sure we were there, but once we finally made it I was so happy I suffered through. The views were fabulous if a bit hazy, as they usually are in LA. You know, the smog and all.

I just have such deep, abiding affection for the Hollywood sign. It's silly but I don't give a fuck. It's just SO classic LA. Being so close to it made me a little giddy. I've always said it's one of my life goals to live with a view of it some day, and I hope that comes true.

I'm proud of myself for going.

Good day.


Burbank, the Valley, etc.

LA, LA, ellaaaa...can't quite see, in the pic on the right
there's a mini Hollywood sign.

Dude can you see that weird visual trick? It looks like the
O is before the H.


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