Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Inner Lotus Flower

I often learn things in yoga. It's like school. But sweaty.

I always knew lotus flowers were tied into yoga philosophy, but I didn't know how and I was too lazy to Google. SO LAZY. And today I found out just what they mean.

My teacher today based her class around the theme of love since February is American Heart Month. And you know, Valentine's Day and all. So there were lots of lovey dovey tunes played in class, and her flow was based around heart opening poses. As we transitioned from one pose to another, bursting from a more constrained posture to an expansive one, she told us to open as a lotus flower does. Apparently the flower itself represents transformation, it hides beneath the murky, muddy depths of the water and emerges beautiful and serene every morning. It symbolically represents being grounded in your life but reaching towards the divine and something more.

I'm all wrapped up in thoughts of transformation lately, and this struck me for some reason. Emerging from dreary muck. You know. 

Can you, like, buy a lotus flower?


  1. this is more than beautiful dear
    xx the cookies
    much love

  2. I had no idea! You've helped inspire me to jump back on my yoga train. I will go to class tonight with some new knowledge! Yes!