Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lazy Daisy

I am in bed. It's only, oh, 8:30 or so.

I have been here since, well...dinnertime.

I had plans tonight! I did! I was going to go to a sold out show at the Troubadour in WeHo, and see Royal Teeth again...even though I was feeling pretty sleepy after my morning yoga. I had my hair lookin' all cute, wearing my leather leggings and boots, eye shadow and mascara in my purse cause I was going to try. Then lo and behold, my poor coworker wasn't feeling well, and had to cancel.

Sometimes things work out, and you end up back home in bed where you always prefer to be, 'cause you don't have to wear pants, and you don't have to try, since you aren't 25 yet.

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