Saturday, February 23, 2013

GymPact Potential

So, this whole GymPact thing is really interesting.

I've been intrigued for awhile now by the whole shebang, but two things have been stopping me.

1) The commitment factor. The second there's an element of pressure, I usually crumble. Having to do something is just about the most guaranteed way to make sure I don't do something. So...can I do it?

2) Remember to check in. I have the memory of a stoned goldfish. And I don't usually take my phone up to the studio, and I would have to start since there isn't phone signal in the parking garage.

In case you don't know, GymPact is an app for iPhone and Android where you commit to working out a certain number of times per week, check in at your gym (or yoga studio!), and lose a set number of money if you don't go. And you earn money if you do go, paid for by others who don't. It's a nifty system.

As I said, I'm curious about the whole thing. I'm not quite ready to commit yet, due to the two aforementioned reasons, but maybe soon...


I mean, I can absolutely see myself be thoroughly motivated by something that involves making money.

I do enjoy money.


  1. Replies
    1. Isn't it cool? I think I might give it a go, and start off with a low goal.