Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Queen Bitch: A Saga of Interspecies Friendship

As you know, last night my BFF came to visit with her furchildren. Hilarity abounded.

Let's review the cast of characters.

We have Bentley, who you know well, his former roommate, the beautiful and graceful Frankie, and the tiny baby Jojo.

It all started off quite normally. Jojo was excited to be in a brand new place so full of fresh different smells, so it took him awhile to notice the creature. The TREE. According to his mother, he had only met one very mean cat before. Bentley, for his part, pretended he didn't even notice the intruders, until Jojo finally spotted him and started to approach.

Then, as expected, the hissing and growling began. 

I had no worries that Bentley was actually afraid. If he was, he easily could have hid under the bed, on the bed or in the closet. But no, he held his ground, staring at the fluffy wiggly black thing, verbalizing his disapproval. I  eventually put him on the bed, where he stayed for awhile, licking his emotional wounds and shooting daggers at the BFF with his eyes. "HOW DARE YOU BRING THAT CREATURE IN MY HOUSE?"

And then.

The two met face to face on the rug in front of us. Jojo clearly thought it was play time as he mimicked Bentley's noises and bounced around. They moved closer and closer together. Tree continued his noises of discontent as he slowly lowered himself closer and closer to the floor. Then, he was rolling around showing his belly to Jojo WHILE STILL GROWLING. As the BFF said, he was sending some very mixed signals: rawrs and hisses while his body language just screamed "fuck me now".

Oh the amusement.

They mostly ignored each other after that, with the occasional encounter when Bentley decided Jojo was in his way. The best part of the night came when Jojobaby was sleeping peacefully in his bed and Bentley went up to him and hissed in his face for NO REASON. Also, when he hissed at him inside his crate in the middle of the night.

Yes, Bentley, you will always been the Queen Bitch. 

This morning, hilariously, Frankie burrowed under a blanket and cuddled up on Bentley. He pretended it wasn't happening. I guess if there's a barrier that means you're not really cuddling with a dog... 

Okay, one more picture....look at those fucking TEEEEEEEEEEEEEF!

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