Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fail Whale

I am really liking my new method of weekly goal setting. I think it will be really helpful for me to have different things to focus on each week and find different ways to push myself out of my comfort zones.

I am pre-emptively announcing a fail for this week, though. #3, "tech-free for two nights", will be a repeat goal, absolutely.

See, in a normal week, two tech-free nights wouldn't be so bad. That's 50% of my week nights, leaving two to do with as I please, nights I can zone out on media and recharge my mental batteries. But this week, I made that goal forgetting that a) I have plans with the BFF tonight and b) Thursday is V-Day so I have a date with myself, thus leaving me no choice as to which nights I must spend tech-free. Monday and Wednesday or fail.

And we all know what happens when I have no choice. I rebel.

So while I didn't take my laptop home last night, I did watch hours of SVU whilst cleaning my floors again for want of something better to do.

Fail whale.

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