Monday, February 18, 2013

A little goal setting...for the future.

This weekend's hike, as I said, was strenuous. Tiring. Downright hard, if you will. But incredible.

And it gave me thoughts. It's awesome that I'm getting back into my yoga groove, and it's so good for my mental, physical, and spiritual health. It's something I imagine sticking with for the long haul. But yesterday made me realize that I definitely need to do other physical activities too. I need to push myself out of my comfort zone. There was a bit towards the end of the hike where I just got cranky, when I thought I was almost at the top and I wasn't and I wanted to be done and I wasn't and it was rough.

And, as everybody knows...

And when I got to the top, it was magic.

So,  I want to do more magical things.

I MADE A LIST. I fucking love lists.

In the next year, these are some goals. Goals to push me out of my comfort zone,  to test my limits, to show me I can do things I've never done before, to increase my fitness level, to maybe have a little fun?

1. Hike to the Hollywood sign again, on my own. While we were up there I said to The Married Lady I never felt the need to do it again, now that I'd done it once. But that's not actually true, mostly I was cranky. A of all, we didn't go around to the front, 'cause it had already taken us awhile and she had places to be and I'd driven up to the front before with my cousin so it wasn't necessary, and b of all, I think it would be a good experience to push my way to the top solo, and have to motivate myself. And I could make a playlist!
2. Complete Couch to 5k.
3. Run a 5k.
4. Maybe never run again then?
5. Go to yoga 10 days in a row.
6. Hike the Will Rogers Trail in the Santa Monica Mountains.
7. Hike in Malibu.
8. Do 30 Day Shred.
9. Do Ripped in 30.
10. Take a self defense class.

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