Monday, February 25, 2013

Highs/Lows of the Morning

High: Morning spooning with Mr. Deuce. Cuddles with a sixty pound dog breathing in your face are vastly different than cuddles with a fifteen pound kitty, FYI. But equally full of love.

Low: The fact that the cuddles occurred at six am.

"But it's so eeeeearly I don't want to go outsiiiide."

Low: Forgetting to grab a yogurt on the way out the door and starving half the drive to LA until...

High: ...remembering the clementines hidden in my purse. I LOVE FORGOTTEN FRUIT.

High: Pre-tracking my whole week and planning out my yoga days.

Low: Putting on my freshly laundered jeans and realizing no, I didn't magically lose five pounds, they were just stretched out from wearing them a billion days in a row. And now they fit again.

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