Monday, February 11, 2013

Today's moments of joy.

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, I woke up this morning by a cat biting my face at five am then creepily staring at me as I opened my eyes again at eight, but that's okay.

I'm peppy. I've had moments of joy, such as...

*Realizing that my teal booties match my teal underwear perfectly. I FEEL SO FANCY.
*Getting complimented on said booties by an attractive gentleman. I bet he would have complimented my underwear too, if only he knew...
*Getting growled at in the Ralph's parking lot. Literally, a guy went "raaaawr" as I walked by.
*Which reminds me, last week a drunk homeless guy asked if I was famous. It made me feel special. Even though I was wearing sweats and Uggs. In retrospect, perhaps the drunk homeless guy was mocking me.
*Getting everything all set and settled for a work event this week. Hotel rooms booked, event planned, dinner reserved, food ordered. BOOM. I am a champion.
*It feels nice to actually do a job.
*Lunchtime yoga whilst wearing my best sports bra. It makes my tits look fantastic.
*Serenading Bentley while home for my post-yoga shower with bastardized Fleetwood Mac song lyrics such as, "Does Tree make you cry, make you break doooown, shatter your illusions of looove?" or "I'll be there if Tree wants me to, no one else that could ever do, got to get some Tree in my miiiiind." He did not approve.

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