Saturday, February 16, 2013

Scattered thoughts of the day.

Best moment of the day: Tree cuddles. That cat still fucking loves me, after all these years. It's cute.

Worst moment of the day: Burning my mouth on my first bite of breakfast. Such a hard life I lead.

Best thing I ate of the day: Sushi for dinner from the cash only place down the street. Second time this week but IDGAF. It's my replacement for fast food, something delicious for cheap that's not that bad for me. So I will eat it as often as I please.

Worst thing I ate of the day: Not so much worst thing I ate, but the fact that I had to eat it: So. Much. Fruit. I was staaarving today, luckily I had the stock on hand to consume a banana, strawberries, and grapes. Instead of indulging in worse options. Go me?

Best thing I did of the day: Took a three hour nap. CAUSE WHY THE FUCK NOT?

Worse thing I did of the day: Nothing. Literally. I did nothing.

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