Thursday, April 11, 2013

Klepto Links

I am just a dirty little thief this week. I'm pretty sure most if not all of these links came from other people's Facebooks, or someone just being like "hey look at this".

So...hey look at this!

A Girl and Her Cat

Mean Professor Tells Student to “get your sh*t together”

Okay, I am in love with this professor. We all know I am a fan of The Rules, and this student was being a dick. Love.

Why The Mantis Shrimp Is My New Favorite Animal

This is so cool. Who knew, right?

“Firefly” Hat Triggers Corporate Crackdown

FUCK THE MAN. I want a Jayne Cobb hat now. I could rock it, don't you think?

What You Brag About ‘Not Doing,’ Translated BY Summer Grimes

Hah. This is so awesome and oh so true.

What you say you don’t do: “I don’t define myself by labels like ‘feminist.’” 
Translation: “I went to college with a feminist and she wasn’t very attractive. She also dressed poorly. Blech. But I definitely believe in equal rights for men and women and, like, any other gender and it definitely wouldn’t be fair if a man and woman did the same job equally well and the woman was paid less just because she was a woman.”
The true story of Rock, Paper, Scissors…

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