Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hmm, that's so Pinteresting...

When I first discovered Pinterest along with the rest of the world, I did basically nothing else for a solid three months.

Then I had my fill, and drifted away from the site for awhile. Occasionally I'd click back to it and fuss around a little, but gone were my days of endless pinning and clicking and scrolling, my obsessive searching and cataloging and linking.

But I kept telling my Biff she would looove the site, which wasn't very nice of me. And she just recently discovered the wonder that is The Pinterest, which of course, has reignited my obsession.

This week, my Internet attentions have been focused nowhere else but on the pins. The pins have been winning. It's a sin to ignore a pin.

Or something.

I did some new pinning, but most of my time was spent organizing and futzing with my old pins, and making new boards and categorizing and organizing and zingzingzing.

OH LOOK. Let's check out some of my boards.

A Life Philosophy

Yoga Glow


Summer Lovin'

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