Friday, February 8, 2013

WW Recap 2/1-2/7: Going Strong

I have caught the momentum train, and I am riding it hard.

That was perhaps a bit awkward.  Let's rephrase and say that I'm doing awesome. I woke up this morning and am down a pound from last week, back into the 150s which is a glorious thing for my mental state. Plus I've eaten well, I've been to yoga, so yays all around! And I've been super productive all week, I'm feeling so good, and I've had vivid, drug fueled dreams of binging which seem to have fulfilled any desire to actually indulge...I'm set.

And so gosh darn pleased with myself.

Goal check in!

1) Get my GHGs every day. (Eh. I got water and fruits/veggies every day, dairy every single day but one, but didn't get my oils more than a few times. I hate wasting points on oils. I find it irritating.)
2) Go to yoga three times. (Yup! Friday, Tuesday, Thursday.)
3) Leave my laptop at home three weeknights. (FOUR. So much productivity and SVU.)
4) Do three things on my birthday list. (SIX MOTHERFUCKER. Cleaned my bathroom, bookcase, desk, sorted clothes to donate, re-arranged my various knickknacks  and found somewhere to volunteer! Not long-term, it's a one shot a few days after my birthday, but still.)
5) Email a friend I haven't talked to in awhile. (Check!)

Goals for next week?

1) Get my GHGs every day. (In case you haven't noticed, Imma gonna spell it out for you, mmmkay? I gotta keep a goal until I actually ace that shit. Mmhmmmm.)
2) Go to yoga three times. 
3) Tech-free two nights, no computer OR television.
4) Make a recipe.
5) Send cards for Valentine's Day.

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