Thursday, February 7, 2013

Full of Warm Fuzzies

I took myself to lunch today and returned to my desk to find the mail had arrived in my absence. At the bottom of the pile, quite unexpectedly, was a package for yours truly!

Decorated with brightly colored flowers, this package contained the following:

  • A gorgeous journal.
  • A beautiful bookmark.
  • Tasty hard candies.
  • Pretty pencils. (Which apparently fell on the floor when I opened the package and thus are not in the pic.)
  • Swiffer wet wipes!
  • An incredibly sweet note from a reader and fake Internet friend, written in a variety of colorful pens, noting the gift was intended to pick up my spirits.


Seriously, I have the absolute goofiest smile on my face. I feel so incredibly loved and supported right now, I can't even tell you. I want to hug the world and give it a noogie. This is definitely one of the top finalists in the category of "sweetest things that someone has done for Taylor ever in the history of time".

Thank you, Michaela. You're amazing.

And now I get to clean my floors!

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