Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ugg Lovin'

I have mentioned my affection for Ugg boots before. I briefly worked for them when I first got out of college, and they were a fantastic company to work with (I regret leaving, actually), and I made very good use of the employee discount.

Thus, I have a lot of pairs of Uggs. Too many Uggs. Which, technically, is not the appropriate term to use. It should be "Ugg boots", but that takes so long to type. SO LONG.

But, yes, so many Uggs. And I fucking love them. Of course I have heard and understand the criticisms. I won't argue. They're not exactly the most flattering shoe. They're pretty dated, while simultaneously being too trendy. They're unreasonably expensive. I live in fucking Los Angeles, why am I wearing snowshoes, do I think my feet are going to freeze off in 60 degree weather? At least I don't wear them with denim miniskirts.

But you know what, I DON'T CARE. They are gloriously comfortable. Like walking on motherfucking clouds spun by angels. Toasty and warm. Cozy and snug.

I have worn this same pair for the last five days. It's been chilly outside, I think it's reasonable. Every morning I consider putting on something else, and then I say FUCK IT. My toesies want my Uggies.

Happy feet.

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