Monday, February 4, 2013

Tribute for a Tribute

One part of Saturday night's Jennifer Lawrence tribute was truly beautiful, to balance out all the less beautiful moments that made me want to hide my face in my hands. At the beginning of every film festival award event, the recipient sits in the audience while someone talks about them favorably (and in this case, so awkwardly) and a video montage plays showing their previous work. Jennifer's was absolutely wonderful and a great demonstration of just how expressive and incredible an actress she really is.

Of course, I've been doing some Googling, as that's what I do, and everyone else on the Internet agrees with me that Saturday night was a disaster, a train wreck, a horrifying display of unprofessional fuckery. The Santa Barbara Independent article was a little diplomatic and seemed to lay some blame on J.Law, which is patently false, but the comments are vicious and I'm enjoying posting some myself. This Hunger Games site The Hob has lots of videos of the interview so you can see for yourself I'm not exaggerating one bit about how uncomfortable the whole thing was. They mentioned something I forgot to bitch about in my post, clearly Roger Durling hasn't actually SEEN The Hunger Games as he referred to Gale as Katniss's "boyfriend". WRONG. This Yahoo article is the most kind, and really, "fawning" and "inarticulate" are about as good as it gets.

If I ever do run into her on the street, in a bar, stalking her outside her apartment, the first thing I will do is say, "I was at the Santa Barbara Film Festival...sorry about that."

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