Friday, February 1, 2013

Teenie Yogini

Today I learned that while a male yoga practitioner is a yogi, a female one is actually a yogini. Unfortunately my lunchtime class today was devoid of the usual plethora of sweaty, ripped, masculine eye candy, but actually it turned out to be an awesome class. A room full of yoginis all giggling has a pretty great energy.

Plus, I have a new favorite teacher! When I returned to yoga a few weeks ago I started off with a few basic level one, non-heated classes, and they were led by an instructor I'd never had before. She taught the level two heated class today, and apparently it was her first time doing so. It was an AWESOME hour, starting with the second I walked in the door and she greeted me with a huge smile and an enthusiastic, "Taylor!!! I am so glad you're here!" I don't care if she was lying, it made me feel awesome.

And I felt strong today. Sure, I spent a good chunk of the last half of class laying in child's pose, but I keep improving my chatarungas, and today I felt so centered in all my balancing postures. My downward dog felt solid. My limbs were long and powerful.

If I feel like this after just a couple of class back, imagine how I'll feel in just a few more weeks?

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