Monday, February 4, 2013

Dreaming of Dessert

I just remembered that last night I had a rather vivid dream that I gorged myself on cake. I felt both guilty, and glorious.

It was, you know, weird. As dreams are. For some reason, the cake was being passed around from person to person, strangers, bare handed. It was bright blue and yellow. Pieces of it kept falling off, and of course, if a piece fell off, it has to be eaten, right? Otherwise, that would just be wasteful. 

I think it was chocolate.

And it was delicious.

And then, somehow, I was inside a freezer, literally, as you are sometimes, and I was looking up through the bottom of glass drawers, digging around for frozen brownie bites. Which is something I do at my parents house. Not, you know, from WITHIN the freezer though.

I actually woke up feeling quite satisfied.

I blame the drugs.

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