Friday, February 8, 2013

Bookin' It

In my quest for an organized life, I tackled my bookcase a few days ago. I dug through the piles of jewelry and mail that decorated the shelves, sorted through the stacks on stacks of books, filled two shopping bags to donate, and when I was finished, it had transformed!

The left is actually after I'd already cleared all the jewels off....

That is disgraceful.

No, not how many books I have. That is glorious. No, the disgraceful part is that I have not read even 50% of those books. I'll say maybe a third of them, but probably no more than that. Shameful.

The problem is, I would always buy maybe five books at a time, read two, buy five more, read two, and dig myself into a GIANT HOLE. And then I'd be like, "I want something to read, but all these books are BORING!" And I'd go buy more at the used book store for a dollar apiece. I now have my shiny new Kindle, so it's doubly hard to get me to motivate myself to pull a real, actual paper book off the shelves.

And thus, I have made a personal rule. For every book I buy on my Kindle, I am required to try one from my collection. If I don't like it, fine, I just have to give it away and not put it back on the shelves.

That seems reasonable, yes? Yes.

Right now I'm reading "On the Island" by Tracey Garvis-Graves, I have no recollection of buying it but I'm pretty sure it ends with a 30 year old woman banging a 17 year old boy, so I'm sure I'll be entertained. Then back to the Kindle with the sequel to "The Body Finder".


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