Sunday, February 3, 2013

Assorted thoughts and feelings.

  • Made it door to door, SB to LA, with a stop for gas and the bathroom, as well as waiting too long for sushi, in an hour and forty five minutes. Boom. 
  • I wish my Kindle was waterproof so I could take it in the shower.
  • I'm in a good mood.
  • I have so many awesome plays, musicals and concerts in the coming months. Oh the joys of living in a metropolis.
  • I got my taxes done today, and within three hours my returns had already been accepted, and I'm getting enough cash to fully pay my dad back a loan from awhile ago and still have some left over. MONEY MONEY MONEY.
  • Last night whilst hanging with the BFF we watched the first episode of The West Wing. Seriously the most perfect pilot in history. 
  • My dad and I went to the AT&T store this morning, did a little switching and swiping, and I inherited his iPhone 4S. So shiny! Siri is fun.
  • I'm happy to be home with my kitty. 
  • I'm looking forward to the week. I will make good use of my time, I will go to yoga and read and write and frolic, and all will be well. 

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