Friday, November 16, 2012

WWWeekly Recap #1

Welcome to a shiny new Friday Feature, a Weight Watcher Weekly Recap. I know. You're excited. Unless you don't want to read detailed journaling about diet and exercise from a whiny bitch with issues, in which case just move right along.

So, I did not hit the ground running last Friday when my WW week started, but I pulled my shit together by Monday and I really feel great about where I'm at today.

Weekly Loss: - 5.2 lbs
Total Loss: - 5.2 lbs
(1) That's over a pound a day since I ate a shitload of cupcakes. No complaints. 2) Note that I'm starting my "total loss" over. It's a mental thing...I already hit 50 and I hate feeling like I'm playing catch-up. Plus, to get real with you for a second here, the number I started my weight loss from in January wasn't the highest number I've ever seen on the scale, so a "total loss" is pretty much bullshit anyway.)

Calories Burned: 0
Days Active: 0
(Boooooooo I'm a lazy ass.)

Follow me behind the cut for some journaling...


I was doing exceptionally well until I got home from work. I left plenty of points for the evening, but old habits die hard, etc, and I got very snacky as the night went on. Indulged in a half a serving more of my dinner, and ate the entirety of the sorbet I bought at Trader Joe's. I'd actually anticipated that happening, so that would have been fine...but of course impulsively in the checkout I bought pumpkin breakfast bars, and I ate the whole box over the course of the evening. They weren't even that good, you guys. What the fuck. All WPs, gone.


Cheated and pulled out my scale first thing. Did not like it. Realized I am going to continue to not like it as long as the number is as high as it is, so why do I want to look? Good question, Taylor. Scale went back in the closet. Didn't have breakfast, due to plans with my favorite people. Spent plenty of time getting ready and felt fat in my dress, which indeed resulted in some lovely self-loathing. The menu at the restaurant wasn't super great for OP (on plan) options, so ooof course I went directly off plan and had eggs benedict and potatoes and a glass of wine and chowed down on my BFF's truffle fries. And then had another glass of wine after the show. Then, because I'd had a headache all day I'd attributed to a lack of Diet Coke (embarrassing), I logic-ed myself into stopping at McDonald's for dinner, because I could get a big Diet Coke...and shitty, shitty fast food. So, totally in the hole.



Woke up with zero motivation whatsoever. Brain racing "it's the weekend, you always fuck up on the weekend, you can just fuck up today and get right on track tomorrow and go to yoga at 7AM and go every day for a year and never fuck up again but today, yes, today you should just give up and go get a donut or eight". Sat in bed stubbornly not eating anything until 1 PM. Then, can guess. I don't want to go into details. I don't I don't. Cupcakes. I'll just say that. And also, chicken fingers. Also, burger. Also, shut up.


Fucking rocked it, foodwise that is. Actually went back and tracked my weekend of terror, which is something I haven't done in weeks --- held myself accountable. It actually wasn't quite as terrible as I had expected....still pretty bad though. I had planned to go to yoga, but in my time off they've changed the schedule a bit and I didn't want to start back with that particular teacher. Yes, I'm full of excuses, but WHATEVER. I had a pretty shitty day emotionally on Monday if my incredibly pathetic whining post didn't make that perfectly clear, but I still resisted binging, so that's pretty damn awesome. I went to bed with a little bitty s mile.


BOOM, BABY. MOMENTUM. Did great with my eating again, and actually had to force myself to eat lunch 'cause I just had no appetite. That can be dangerous for me, I swing too far in the other direction and feel proud if I don't eat, which of course is not the goal here. But it's nice to no longer constantly feel cravings. Had a tasty salad for dinner!


A pretty good day. Cheated and peeked at the scale and was pleased to see a few pounds gone. Ate my perfectly OP breakfast and snack, then had to deal with the temptation of pizza for Wednesday work lunch. I had planned to just have salad, I wanted to flex my willpower muscle, but god DAMN pizza smells good. It's not even my favorite food but it is pretty hard to resist. I was finally like "fuck it", took a piece of pepperoni and a piece of cheese back to my desk, took a bite of each, it wasn't even that good, and was like "fuck it" and threw it away. Then I went back and got ONE piece of white sauce veggie, which was much more delicious, ate that, and was content. I also picked a little at the pasta when I was putting it away. My date was that night so I just ate like a normal person, we we had yummy Korean food and I didn't finish all my rice. Probably wasn't 100% within my points for the day, but I'm proud that I didn't a) eat MORE pizza than I did and b) didn't go nuts on my date.


Finished off the week fantastically well...mostly. Standard breakfast of Greek yogurt + banana, frozen meal lunch, and a yummy salad for dinner. Kinda went a little overboard on frozen Greek yogurt from Trader Joe's for dessert, but just a little!

It's truly amazing how a few days of momentum can really help me feel so much more in control and centered. I don't feel like I'm actively fighting a downward spiral at the moment, so that's pretty baller. No yoga this week like I planned, but I'm not beating myself up about it. Just getting my eating back on track is something to be proud of I do believe.

Overall, my week started off in the same awful pattern of badness, but somehow I turned it around. Go. Me.


  1. Way to go! I feel like we should all make this a little link up. I need to start doing a weekly recap to help myself stay accountable. Congrats on doing so well this week despite the rough start!

    1. Thanks, Courtney! I definitely thing the check-ins are beneficial, Sunday night I thought about having to write about binging again the next day and I said, "Nope, not happening!"