Friday, November 16, 2012

A letter to my BFF.

1) I hope you are having an AMAZING time in Mexico...but that's a waste of hope. cause you're in Mexico, so you're obviously having a fucking amazing time. Can't wait to see pics!

2) I'm a bit drunk. Went to happy hour after work and it was like FOUR HOURS LONG. Super happy.

3) Totally stealing that last line for my blog.

4) Anyway. I hate when I end up having fun when I go out when I don't want to go. It invalidates my antisocial tendencies.

5) Is it weird that I miss you even though it's perfectly normal not to see you for this long? I think knowing you are SO FAR AWAY is upsetting. COME BACK.

6) Oh, ME.

7) The first episode of the new season of "Whitney" is super funny. I don't give a shit what all the reviews say, that show is hilarious.


9) Might just post this whole thing on my blog?

10) Might as well.

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