Sunday, November 25, 2012

Weekly Recap #2

BOO. My second week of recaps, and I just forgot to post. I had it written! I swear! Durrrr.

Well, this week was not great. Worse than last week, but better than I've been the last few months, so...progress? Maybe? I quit tracking about halfway through the week, that's definitely a fail and something I  need to stop doing. More than anything I need to hold myself accountable, even if it doesn't change my habits right off the bat. I'm feeling pretty down right now, but it's a new week and I can't change the past, right!?! Right.

Weekly Loss: -??  (I didn't feel like hauling my scale to Santa Barbara, and I don't want to use my parents' scale since it usually reads me a few pounds heavier I think. Plus, with this week not exactly being great...I don't really want to see the number, thankyouverymuch. Thank you. Very much.)
Total Loss: -5.2 (approx...)

Calories Burned: 0
Days Active: 0
(What the fuck, fatty? What the fuck.)


I was not exactly a model Weight Watcher today, but not in the usual bad ways. Had a standard work breakfast and lunch (Chobani Greek yogurt + banana in the morning, Lean Cuisine garlic chicken pasta, apple and a cheese stick later in the day) then had plans to go to a happy hour for work for "just one drink" then go to sushi with my work bestie. Well, "just one drink" turned into four delicious cocktails, then I made myself a somewhat less-delicious cocktail when I got home. And sort of didn't have dinner. Drinking my points = responsible adult?


Woke up to the promise of an afternoon storm and could not drag myself out of the house. May have something to do with the whole "drinking my dinner" and "going to bed at 2" thing last night. Lounged in bed until noon on my laptop, and had a banana with plain Greek yogurt and agave syrup for breakfast. Chugged water. Ordered sushi for lunch to be delivered in an hour and a half, forced myself to shower, then put away laundry and cleaned my apartment until it arrived. 'Twas delicious. Frozen eggplant parmesan for dinner from Trader Joe's, frozen Greek yogurt for dessert....then got snacky, and had some frozen mini tacos. And some cheese.


Woke up with binging on the brain, but somehow managed to hold it least most of the day. Didn't have breakfast, just an iced chai latte from Starbucks then a salad for lunch with a friend instead of the fatty food I really wanted, and resisted buying a cupcake. But, then gave into pancakes and a cupcake for dinner from the diner next door, and the cupcake was awful. Like it should have been embarrassed to call itself a cupcake. Of course I ate it anyway. Meh, so not worth it, and it made me feel gross. Oh well, tomorrow's another day.


Nothing counts when you're sick. I don't want to talk about it. Leave me the fuck alone.


Well, I had my Chobani yogurt for breakfast instead of the breakfast burrito I really wanted. So, go me? Except we moved our weekly lunch up a day since so many people were going to be out of the office in Wednesday, so I had a Chipotle burrito for lunch. But I didn't finish it...there were at least five bites left. So, that's a plus..I also had one piece of chocolate from the kitchen stash. For dinner, I had a pot pie from Trader Joe's. I desperately craved sugar all night, but resisted the urge to go get something. Yay?


Breakfast burrito for, well, breakfast. BECAUSE I WANTED IT OKAY. Did not end up eating lunch until like, 4, and had a frozen breakfast sandwich (I love breakfast foods apparently) and frozen Healthy Choice Greek yogurts that I had in the work fridge. Then had a salad delivered...and a piece of cheesecake. But at least the salad wasn't pasta?


IT'S TURKEY DAY! I had no intention of counting points today, and considering once again I am "in the red" with my weekly points, I said FUCK IT. And got drunk and ate my face off. Sublime.

Not a good week, and I didn't face the music about it. But it's a new week!

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