Monday, November 19, 2012

Sick Day

Basically every damn day for the last, oh, three weeks or so, I've woken up and considered "being sick". I always drag myself out of bed and go to work, then I spend the day thinking, "I could leave early. No one would care..." I never gave into my urges, though. I am too responsible.

But I have been telling myself I've earned a "mental health" day before the end of the year. Some day, some glorious day, I would just not go to work. I would sleep in, hit a midday yoga class, and enjoy a glorious weekday free of the stifling office environment.

Well, I'm not at work today. But that's because I feel like shit.

A day off is way less entertaining when you spend it in bed.

Or at least, if you're in bed alone.

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