Monday, November 5, 2012

Case of the Mondays

Dragging my ridiculously lazy ass out of bed this morning was probably the biggest accomplishment of my life. OF MY LIFE, I TELL YOU.

Yes, it's all nice and bright and shiny out in the mornings after daylight savings, the world is much more inviting now that it's not pitch black at an unreasonably late hour. But...but my bed is just so comfortable. And my Tree was purring. And birds were chirping. And my pillows had formed this perfect nest of amazingness.

And I really didn't want to go to stupid fucking work. My prison. MY PAIN.

Though there is a bright side, it looks like things maybe be improving for me on that front. I've been proactive and persistent, ish, and the beginning of the year is supposedly bringing some expansion to my job description. I'll start assisting in marketing and actually like, learning shit and doing useful things. Maybe one day I'll actually contribute something to the company. Maybe they'll give me more money. Maybe.

Ideally I still want to find a shiny new job because I'm pretty sure my whole life needs a reset, but still. This is an improvement.


But for now, I'm still thoroughly unfulfilled. Today, I get to go to a nursery to exchange a dying plant (okay, it's dead, and I killed it), and put it an order on Costco.


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