Thursday, November 8, 2012

White People Mourning Romney

So, the criticism out there in Internetspace is that us Democrats are being very sore winners after this whole election shenanigan.

And to that I say:


I know I know, I'm such a bad winner. Being all excited about the reelection of President Barry Obama, finding joy in the defeat of the GOP. Joyfully squealing over the strides made for gay marriage. Recreational marijuana! Hippie ideals! A record number of women in the Senate, and our first gay senator! I'm just so happy.

I should be ashamed of myself.

After all, we all know if Romney had won, his supporters would have been nothing but polite. I mean, the level of discourse out there right now obviously confirms that.


If you're a bitch like me, and you take pleasure in the disappointment of those who voted for the other guy, you might get a little joy out of this.

White People Mourning Romney


You should also check out this article on Jezebel about post-election depression. It is hilarity.

Just a little more political joy for you, then I'm done with my obnoxious liberal smugness. For now.

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