Wednesday, November 14, 2012

An OkCupid Expose

I'm not the only one out there thoroughly amused by the caliber of man trolling on OkCupid. There are tons of blogs and articles out there bemoaning the embarrassing behavior of some people on dating sites. I have tried to amuse myself by interacting with these men, but when my weak attempts to call out various offenders for their terrible online dating tactics failed, I moved on, 'cause I'm lazy. A guy called Rob Fee, however, was far more commitment-minded than myself. He crafted a poorly written, completely unattractive fake profile, and proceeded to fuck with every guy who emailed "Tara".

He is my hero. 

This FauxLady's profile includes such gems as "self tought and self made lol" and "you have to aim for the stars or you are a trukey". She admits her difficulties with reading and her lack of a driver's license...due to a hit and run. She's racist. And her fave movie is "Ice Age 4".

And still, guys messaged her. And even when referencing diarrhea and abortion in her messages, they kept on coming back.

She really does seem like a fascinating girl.

Maybe this is why I don't have a boyfriend. I'm just not interesting enough.

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